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Last Updated 30/04/2018

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    The Buderim Male Choir has developed a Concert Organisation Package. We believe that this would be of great assistance to all Choirs in their Concert preparation and organisation, and we would like to share it with you. It comes in the form of a CD ROM and is designed for use on Microsoft Word and Excel 97-2003 and 2007.

    There are 45 documents in the package, all of which can be customised and adapted for your specific needs. They include:

    • checklists
    • letters
    • sample documents
    • templates
    • spreadsheets
    • mail merge documents
    • and a brilliant reminder calendar so you won't miss a thing!

    You can choose which documents suit your style of organisation. They include detailed instructions on how to use each document, with step by step instructions for those who are not skilled in computer use.

    These documents cover many different areas of concert preparation - such as organisation checklists, concert schedules, publicity, venue and guest artist bookings, finance, ticketing, task deadlines etc. etc.

    This system was trialled on over twenty of our concerts in 2009 with great success. The organisation tasks were completed on time, with nothing forgotten and nothing left to chance.

    The designer of our Concert Package is a retired Head Teacher of Creative and Performing Arts in NSW schools. He has had vast experience in organising concerts, musical productions, interstate and overseas tours, and was well known by teachers throughout the State for his meticulous organisation skills. He was presented with an Award for Excellent Service to Public Education and Training in NSW in 2005.

    We know that this package will streamline your concert organisation, and could save you many, many hours each year in Concert preparation. In fact, we have already found it indispensable!

    If you are interested in finding out more about this Concert Organisation Package, just email us on
    and we will send you an order form by return email.

    You can see for yourself the excellent value of this package. Our aim is to help make it easier for you to achieve excellence and promote choral singing in your local community.

    Contents of Package

    Section A.     Introduction & Overview

    1. Read Me First
    2. Contents of disk (Overview of package)
    3. Introduction
    4. Hints for Adapting These Templates for Your Own Use
    5. Details for Mail merge documents (for more advanced computer users)
    6. Copyright Notice
    7. Optional Evaluation Form

    Organisation Templates & Samples

    Section B.     Committee Organisation
    1. Comments & Instructions for Section B
    2. Computer organisation of files & folders
    3. Areas of Responsibility
    4. Contact lists (template)
    5. Contact List for own Membership
    Section C.     Initial Concert Organisation

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section C
    2. Concert Schedule (template)
    3. Initial Concert Organisation Checklist
    4. Concert Organisation Checklist
    5. Venue Booking Form
    6. Guest Artist Booking Form
    7. MC Booking Form
    8. Pre-Concert Checklist on the Day

    Section D.     Publicity

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section D
    2. Concert Schedule for Publicity (template)
    3. Concert Schedule for Publicity (sample)
    4. Example of a Choir Profile for publicity and/or program
    5. Some ideas and strategies for publicity

    Section E.     MC Details

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section E
    2. Confirmation of MC booking with details (template)
    3. Example of Concert repertoire and Program notes
    4. Library of MC Program notes template
    5. Concert repertoire and Program notes template - manual entry
    6. Concert repertoire and Program notes template - mail merged
    7. Program Annotations template - manual entry
    8. Program Annotations template - mail merged

    Section F.     Details for Performing Group members

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section F
    2. Concert repertoire list for Performing Ensemble members (template)
    3. Concert details for Choir members (template)

    Section G.     Guest Artists

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section G
    2. Email to accompany Confirmation of Guest Artist/s
    3. Confirmation of Guest Artist/s (template)
    4. Request for Information from Guest Artists (template)
    5. Folder for MoreAdvanced Computer Users

    Section H.     Finance

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section H
    2. Concert Budget (template)
    3. Introductory letter for Sponsorships (template)

    Section J.     Tickets

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section J
    2. Tickets (template) - (not numbered)
    3. Ticket Numbers for Mailmerge
    4. Instructions for Ticketing Officer
    5. Return Email re Ticketing Enquiry
    6. Concert Booking Numbers
    7. Email Tickets Template
    8. Folder for More Advanced Computer Users

    Section K.     Deadlines and Reminders

    1. Comments & Instructions for Section K
    2. Time Line of Organisation Tasks for each Concert
    3. Email Reminder Calendar with Email Letters (template)